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She wants to go backstage, she’s trying so hard
Not just for a meet and greet with the star
Knowing for sure he’s waiting there for her at the bar
She’s ready to give him all of her heart

But the time isn’t right, there will be a fight
for many a girl is showing her card

Back in the rocking days, he’s singing out loud
With his friends there on stage, his head in a cloud
Behind his long dark hair he’s looking around
For comfort and joy, a girl from the crowd

For the time is just right, as he steps in the light
Many a girl is losing her mind

In the early morning hours, she’s walking around
Looking for love in the dark side of town
Maybe the sun won’t shine for her anymore
Cause no-one is there to answer the door

For the time wan’t right, when he got in the light
Many a girl was losing her mind